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Dr. Marion Somers always shares brief but highly informative information. When I first heard this short video I was struck by the simplicity of her wise words. Preparing every aspect of a trip to help insure a smooth “ride” for a traveling senior is the right way to go. My mother-in-law wants to take the train to come visit us however she gets overwhelmed that she might get mixed up on the train. We are going to visit her and ride back on the train with her so we can make sure we arrange every detail so that when she does travel alone, she will know exactly what to expect. Don’t let our aging family members stay at home. Help them prepare for a trip so they feel safe when they venture out of their secure environment.

Older Travelers Hit the Road

Originally printed in The New York Times:

AS a young woman, Joan Cain never dreamed that she would go to Antarctica, Alaska and Russia — much less all three in one year. ”I only started traveling about 10 years ago,” she said recently, now 59, a paralegal and living in Atlanta. She is planning to take all three trips with the adventure company ElderTreks. ”After my husband died I discovered that traveling was my passion,” said Ms. Cain. (more…)

Getting Older, Getting Better


This is who I want to be when I grow up. Going on one adventure after another, or at least believing I can. This video is so cute. Enjoy!

Retired and Bored? There is a whole world to see…


(photo courtesy of ebonyseptember on Flickr)

Are you retired and bored? Why not travel?  Unlike generations before us, we spend about 20% of our lives in retirement. I have family that is retired and complaining about being bored. They are not rich but they can afford to take a few trips each year. It’s almost the New Year and time for a few resolutions so I thought I would ask you to add to your list something new this year – travel. Go outside your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone. It will be worth every penny you spend and if you get daring and decide to go outside the country you will almost certainly come back with a greater appreciation of the United States. Here are a few travel tips …. (more…)