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After55 Living Radio Episode 20 – All About Wells Fargo Elder Services

This episode of After55 Living Radio features Liz Reeve-Calley and Chuck Newman of Wells Fargo Elder Services in Sun City, Arizona discussing the many facets of their elder services program and how it benefits the seniors it serves.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 15 – The Role of a Certifed Fiduciary

Who can you turn to when a mature adult can no longer look after their finances, medications or other personal affairs? We spoke with Candace Bow of Arizona Guardians about the role of a Certified Fiduciary. She discusses guardianship, conservatorship and how to engage a certified fiduciary to protect seniors from exploitation and abuse. She also talks about the certification process and why it is important to only engage the services of those who have been certified by the state to assist seniors.

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Should Seniors Grieve Alone?


(photo courtesy of ohbnkr and flickr)

Throughout life we are taught so many different things but nobody ever teaches us how to grieve. As a person gets older their mortality becomes very real as more and more friends and family members begin to pass. At a time in one’s life when the losses (more…)

Seniors heading to Mexico to Retire


 The Arch at Cabo San Lucas Mexico – (photo courtesy of akahodag and flickr)

Click Here  to read an interesting article written by USA Today’s Chris Hawley entitled, “Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes”. I am starting to find more and more articles being written on Americans (more…)

Meals on Wheels – More Than Just Food


I believe most families have heard of Meals on Wheels. If not, it is an extremely affordable delivery service which provides nutritious cooked meals to seniors. The website for Meals On Wheels Association of America is . I encourage everyone to (more…)

Long Distance Caregiving


(photo courtesy of Almighty Photography and Flickr)

I read a nice article which gives some good advice on being a long distance caregiver and thought I would share it with everyone, click here. Between having cared for my parents from a long distance and having done volunteer work with seniors, I know how difficult long distance caregiving can be. Children either visit a lot or they don’t. I made it a point to go home everyother month until my parents passed. I found it hard to (more…)

Senior Medical Emergencies – Be Prepared


(courtesy of Elvia Montemayor and Flickr)

The inevitable hospital visit no one wants to face has happened. Are you prepared? We all know we want a long and healthy life so let’s not make it a matter of life and death. Today’s hospital environment can be complex. To ease your stay and help the doctors make the right decisions there are a few documents all of us should have prepared and ready. (more…)

Assisted Living Homes – An Alternative to a Nursing Home


(courtesy of The Bex and Flickr)

A Residential Assisted Living Home is also referred to as residential care, board and care, congregate care, personal care or group homes with the name depending on the state you live in.  The Residential Assisted Living Home is a little known segment of senior housing which is growing in popularity. As their name becomes more standardized their profile will become more visible.

At a time when you or a family member are making a decision on where to live and how to be cared for take a look at these warm and loving homes as an alternative to a nursing home. A Residential Assisted Living Home provides care for (more…)

Being there as our parents age


Everytime I see this photo of mom and dad I get tears in my eyes. I just finished reading a really nice blog entitled, “An Aging Parent” by Ann Addison. Click here to read. Blogs like this are just the very best as they are so heartfelt. It touched me and made me think back to that time when my parents were making the transition from home to an assisted living center. It was a difficult decision for the entire family but (more…)

Power of Attorney – Is your paperwork in order?

Missing Paperwork

(photo courtesy of briankerr in Flickr) 

Being prepared in advance of an emergency is like carrying an umbrella just in case it rains. In our home, we recently went through the loss of my father-in-law. After he died we decided it was time for mom to make sure she had her papers in order. Why is it that when we try to help our parents they think we are trying to pull a fast one on them? We got dad’s paperwork in order but barely in time. We did not want to take the chance that we would not have the proper legal paperwork in order for mom in case she got ill suddenly. So the first document we tried to discuss with her was her power of attorney. “Tried” to discuss  is the operative word, tried. What an argument it sparked….