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After 55 Living Radio Episode 4 – Seniors and Trusts 101

If you have questions about the basics of creating a trust, we have the answers. In this week’s episode of After Living 55 Radio, elder law attorney Emily Kile and financial planner Lynda Elley discuss this important component of estate planning and when trust is (and isn’t) appropriate.

Find out about the different types of trusts, how a trust can save money for your heirs, what assets pass (and don’t pass) through a trust and how routine real estates transactions such as refinancing and purchasing out of state property can affect the funding of your trust.

Have that pad and pencil ready!

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After 55 Radio Living Episode 3 – Laughter is the Best Medicine…Really!

That old saying “laughter is the best medicine” may be truer than we thought…

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 2 – Understanding Medicare

Part A…Part B…Part D…Are you stuck trying to understand the alphabet soup that is Medicare? We spoke to our Resident Medicare Expert Karen Ratcliff of AZ Insurance Planners and asked her to explain some of the mystery surrounding the different parts of Medicare. In this interview, she explains the different coverages and focuses on the new Medicare Part D Prescription Benefit.

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