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I got the biggest kick out of this video. One of the After55 blog readers read our blog and shared this video with us so I thought I would pass it on. My own mom and dad had been married 64 years before their passing. I wish I had recorded their memory of their first encounter with eachother. I remember the story well and when I can dig out a photo of mom and dad I will write what mom thought of dad the first time she saw him. I may have to censor it..LOL  For those of you new to reading blogs or even emails, the initials, LOL, are a short way of saying Laugh Out Loud. Yep, there is something new to learn everyday! Enjoy the video.

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What is Assisted Living Video


A nice short video on Assisted Living and what it is that makes it so special. When my mother and father moved into assisted living I was envious of the gentle care and attention they were given. It may not always feel good to leave a home we have lived in our entire lives but given the right assisted living center or assisted living home, our changing needs will be met with compassion and support.                                       

Emergency Contact Phone Number


(photo courtesy of osde8info and flickr) 

As a CSA, Certified Senior Advisor, I receive many emails detailing cutting edge technologies/concepts which all have to do with our senior population. The article below was in a newsletter I received today from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. The information is relevant to all of us. 

ICE: In Case of Emergency – A simple and effective way of providing emergency responders with a direct line to you. (more…)

Top Retirement Destinations


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AOL had this great article today on different retirement spots in the US. The article was written by freelance writer Carol Vinzant. Enjoy all of the good information.

14 Retirement Spots Worth Considering

Today’s seniors want something better if they are going to bother moving out of their home and (more…)

Elderly Humor


It’s the middle of the week and although most of the time it’s nice to share information, today I just needed a good laugh. Enjoy!

Honoring Our Parents As They Have Honored Us

I stumble upon emotionally moving videos on a regular basis. This video entitled, “Parent’s Wish”, struck me on so many levels. Josh Groban’s music in the background made the video touch my soul and brought me back to that moment sitting in the church as the service was given in memory of my mother. The only thing missing was Josh’s music. Secondly, the video, which I will share with you shortly, discusses the parent’s side of what they want as their life nears it’s end or even as they begin to age. Why do so many people find it so hard to honor our aging elders? Of all the gifts I have been given in life, none is more rich than benefiting from and truly understanding the value of our seniors. When my mother told me she was ready to die, I never once asked her to want to continue to live. Some part of me understood she was ready and my acceptance would help her on her journey. I hope many people who watch this video put what is learned into practice with the understanding that in it lies the destiny of each of our own lives. Click Here to play the video.

More About Wii Bowling For Seniors


I’ve blogged before about Ninetendo Wii Bowling leagues however everytime I see a new video I just grin ear to ear. It’s so wonderful to see happy, active mature adults playing in ways they never dreamed possible. Enjoy and if your community doesn’t have this increasingly popular activity then gather a posse and head on down to the activity director’s office and let them know you want it now!!

American Association of Daily Money Managers


(photo courtesy of TW Collins and Flickr)

Tracey Longo, the Washington editor of the Financial Advisor magazine wrote a fantastic article entitled, “When Clients Forget”. The article discusses the continued need to protect our seniors and discusses the evolution of a growing trend of individuals becoming known as daily money managers. The association called The Association of Daily Money Managers can be found at The article is important and informative. The AADMM organization is worth familiarizing ourselves with and the article will explain why there is a growing need for these individuals. (more…)

The Tenacity Of A Senior To Continue To Learn, Part 1


This is a fascinating journey of an older woman to want to learn computers and to not let any obstacle get in her way. It also has it’s sad moments, (yes, I cried), as some of the harsher realities of growing older have to be faced. It is a phenomenal young man who produced this. We need more young people who appreciate the journey all of us will one day go through. Make sure you watch part 1 and part 2. This video will touch your heart and I hope help each of us to be kind and loving to our elders.

The Tenacity Of A Senior To Continue To Learn, Part 2


I have to warn anyone who watches this 2 part video that it is a tear jerk-er. It’s reality. The young man who produced this deserves a stand-up applause for documenting her journey and further applause for his own compassion in working with older adults.