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Happy New Year – Out with the Old and in with the New


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Countdown to midnight here in the USA. May we all have good health, good friends and count each day a blessing. Happy New Year 2008 from and The Silver Pages

Seniors on Medications, how necessary are the med’s?

After reading this sad article, click here, on dementia and medications I thought I would add my two cents. It never ceases to amaze me how certain care facilities drug their patients. The pitiful part is the facilities that do this are claiming to give their clients the best care anyone can receive when in reality, it all comes down to profits. I can’t imagine another human being wanting to drug up a person. Many caregivers are so strapped for time that their workload is lessened when the nurses and doctors on staff sedate the clients. It’s like oiling the wrong part of a machine just to make the machine run better. There are steps you can take to avoid this type of situation… (more…)

Searching for a Retirement Community – When Should We Look?

It was great to read a blog about a daughter’s journey with her mom and dad to look for a retirement community. And to be such an unselfish daughter in lieu of the fact that the parents are moving to another state and the daughter is still happy for them!! Read this article, it is really kind and well written. 

How many of us will be going through the same journey with our parents? ….. (more…)

75% of Seniors in Assisted Living or Nursing Homes have no Visitors

The holiday season is upon us so I thought for anyone not knowing who to spend time with over the holidays, the perfect solution would be for you to go visit a senior. Hard to believe, but 75% of seniors in Assisted Living or nursing homes have no visitors.  The first time I heard this statistic I was floored… (more…)

Private Medicare plans – beware the hard sell

As any of you that are eligible for Medicare know, there are a lot of companies out there competing to get you enrolled in their private Medicare plan. The bad news is that many of them are using abusive and sometimes illegal methods of signing up new beneficiaries. It is not unusual to hear stories of salespeople using forged signatures, misrepresentation and outright lies to lure seniors into signing up for their private insurance. (more…)

Coping with loss during the holidays

This is my first Christmas after losing my dad. Although my parents live across the country, I still feel the loss deeply. It felt strange to send a Christmas card address only to Mom this year. It was sad not to send him his favorite basket from The Popcorn Factory.  His passing was recent, but somehow the loss gets bigger during the holidays. (more…)

Thinking of others during the Holidays – Visit Assisted Living

Visiting Sal - a wonderful 94 year old!!  We are all going to age :>) and many of us will one day be residing in an assisted living center or an assisted living home. I started my volunteer work when I learned that 75% of seniors living in assisted living have no one coming in to visit on a regular basis, if at all…. (more…)

Music is such good company

Yesterday I visited an assisted living home and as I entered through the front door, I heard the most beautiful music. All the residents were sitting around (more…)