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Housing Crisis Snares Elderly Who Can’t Sell

credit:Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

All of us are aware of the current crisis in the housing market, but many of us may not be aware of the impact this crisis has had on many of our seniors. This article appeared in the New York Times, Novenmerb 22, 2008:

Housing Crisis Snares Elderly Who Can’t Sell
by Jack Healy for The New York Times

The housing crisis has kept thousands of older Americans who need support and care from moving into retirement communities or assisted-living centers, effectively stranding them in their own homes.

Without selling their houses or condominiums, many cannot buy into retirement homes that require a payment of $100,000 to $500,000 just to move in. So they are scratching themselves off waiting lists, canceling plans with packing services and staying put, in houses that fit well 30 years ago, but over the years have become lonely, too large or too treacherous to navigate. (more…)


This is a video of Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is: .  I have been and will continue to post her videos as they are each only one minute long. During her one minute video you learn alot and for me it creates reminders of similar scenarios I went through with my mom and dad. Given a choice, 82% of seniors would prefer to live in their own home rather than being moved to an assisted living community. My mother and father both ended up in the hospital on the same day. The prospect of bringing them both home in wheelchairs was overwhelming. This is where all (more…)

Emergency Contact Phone Number


(photo courtesy of osde8info and flickr) 

As a CSA, Certified Senior Advisor, I receive many emails detailing cutting edge technologies/concepts which all have to do with our senior population. The article below was in a newsletter I received today from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. The information is relevant to all of us. 

ICE: In Case of Emergency – A simple and effective way of providing emergency responders with a direct line to you. (more…)

Top Retirement Destinations


 (photo courtesy of thinkpanama and flickr)

AOL had this great article today on different retirement spots in the US. The article was written by freelance writer Carol Vinzant. Enjoy all of the good information.

14 Retirement Spots Worth Considering

Today’s seniors want something better if they are going to bother moving out of their home and (more…)

Who Will Take Care of the Boomers and Their Family?


As a blogger for After55 I either write on topics on which I am knowledgeable, sometimes I find other people’s articles and write on them and then every once in a while I find something so powerful and heartfelt that I post it without comment.

Thanks to MsKYLADIE918 for posting this on YouTube. The original title is , “Re: A Nursing Home or A Family Member”.

Senior Living Expert – Friend or Foe

There are so many new services sprouting up around the world to help baby boomers and their parents who are looking for answers as to what type of senior housing they need. What more could you ask for than a free service who will guide you through this process and often times take a family out to visit a few senior housing providers? There are pro’s and con’s to everything and although all might sound great, I advise families in need to (more…)

Assisted Living Homes – An Alternative to a Nursing Home


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A Residential Assisted Living Home is also referred to as residential care, board and care, congregate care, personal care or group homes with the name depending on the state you live in.  The Residential Assisted Living Home is a little known segment of senior housing which is growing in popularity. As their name becomes more standardized their profile will become more visible.

At a time when you or a family member are making a decision on where to live and how to be cared for take a look at these warm and loving homes as an alternative to a nursing home. A Residential Assisted Living Home provides care for (more…)

After 55 Living Radio Episode 6 – The ABCs of Senior Housing with ALFA

The many options available for Senior Housing can be confusing, so we spoke to Karen Barno, President of the Arizona Chapter of ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America) about the many choices available.

Karen talks in depth about the different types of housing, the different levels of care, cost structures and how to tour intelligently. If you are considering a move for yourself or a loved one, this episode a a must!

For more information about ALFA and how it can assist you with information about Senior Housing options, visit ALFA Arizona’s website at

To listen now, click to play button below:


Being there as our parents age


Everytime I see this photo of mom and dad I get tears in my eyes. I just finished reading a really nice blog entitled, “An Aging Parent” by Ann Addison. Click here to read. Blogs like this are just the very best as they are so heartfelt. It touched me and made me think back to that time when my parents were making the transition from home to an assisted living center. It was a difficult decision for the entire family but (more…)

Searching for a Retirement Community – When Should We Look?

It was great to read a blog about a daughter’s journey with her mom and dad to look for a retirement community. And to be such an unselfish daughter in lieu of the fact that the parents are moving to another state and the daughter is still happy for them!! Read this article, it is really kind and well written. 

How many of us will be going through the same journey with our parents? ….. (more…)