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I received this “touch”ing article about what massage does to help the loneliness in a seniors life and wanted to share it with all of you. An astounding 75% of all seniors who reside in assisted living or nursing homes never get visitors much less get touched. I hope this wonderfully written article will inspire someone to visit their loved ones and touch them. I know in my own life what a gentle touch does for me and although this article is wrtiten about massage easing the elderly’s loneliness, a gentle touch can also bring joy to a senior who needs to know they are still loved and cared about.

Using Massage to Ease the Elderly’s Loneliness
Lifespan: Hands to Hold
By Karrie Osborn
Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, August/September 2004.
Copyright 2004. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

Loneliness Can Find Us All
It’s not that she was neglected or abandoned by her family. She hadn’t been cheated out of a full life, and she wasn’t bitter about the cards she’d been dealt. On the contrary, she was a happy, well-loved woman who was full of faith, even after being widowed for more than 20 years. But no amount of faith could keep this elderly woman from being struck with loneliness after sitting alone, day after day, in her new home — a 12-by-12 room in a full-care nursing facility. She would rarely let on to her family that the isolation could be overwhelming, but visits started to end with extra-long, extra-tight hugs, and phone calls were a welcome lifeline to the world. (more…)

Hospice Care – In The Hospital Or At Home?


This video shows the tough decisions a family must go through when end of life decisions need to be made. I believe the majority of us, if given the choice, would prefer to die in our own home. The family in the video has a family meeting and they discuss all the options for caring for their loved one. We brought in hospice for my parents as they wanted to be at home for their final moments. With my father-in-law, the decision was made for him to be in the hospice wing of a local hospital. From having seen both at-home hospice and hospice within the hospital, I would proceed differently (more…)

A Difficult Decision, Moving A Loved One Into A Nursing Home


(photo courtesy of viamarisphotos and flickr) 

It can happen to any family. The day comes when you realize your mom or dad can no longer live on their own and the decision has to be made to move them into a nursing home. Do you take care of them yourself or do you move them right into a nursing home? I had a family member who


Nursing Homes and Your Rights


This a a 9 minute and thirty second video produced by the Health Standards and Quality Bureau of the Healthcare Financing Administration. This bureau is the federal agency responsible for reviewing the care of the residents in a nursing home. The video is informative yet simplified with the clear message, (more…)

Seniors heading to Mexico to Retire


 The Arch at Cabo San Lucas Mexico – (photo courtesy of akahodag and flickr)

Click Here  to read an interesting article written by USA Today’s Chris Hawley entitled, “Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes”. I am starting to find more and more articles being written on Americans (more…)

Assisted Living Homes – An Alternative to a Nursing Home


(courtesy of The Bex and Flickr)

A Residential Assisted Living Home is also referred to as residential care, board and care, congregate care, personal care or group homes with the name depending on the state you live in.  The Residential Assisted Living Home is a little known segment of senior housing which is growing in popularity. As their name becomes more standardized their profile will become more visible.

At a time when you or a family member are making a decision on where to live and how to be cared for take a look at these warm and loving homes as an alternative to a nursing home. A Residential Assisted Living Home provides care for (more…)

Managing Caregiver Guilt

(courtesy of Dr. Rackner and YouTube)

Elder Abuse – Preying on our Seniors

The crime of those who prey on and violate seniors cannot be spoken of or written about enough. My mother-in-law had a man call her just before Christmas telling her she “had” to enroll in a medicare supplement before the end of the year. It was only by coincidence that she happen to mention it on the phone to us. How many (more…)

Caregiving – How easy is it to get hired?

Being a caregiver can be an extremely rewarding career. With the recent shortage in the health care industry of responsible caregivers, getting a good job is the key to enjoying what you do. After owning a home care agency there were some traits I looked for in a caregiver when hiring that might help you land your first job.   (more…)

Being there as our parents age


Everytime I see this photo of mom and dad I get tears in my eyes. I just finished reading a really nice blog entitled, “An Aging Parent” by Ann Addison. Click here to read. Blogs like this are just the very best as they are so heartfelt. It touched me and made me think back to that time when my parents were making the transition from home to an assisted living center. It was a difficult decision for the entire family but (more…)