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Retirement Planning

After55 Living Radio Episode 20 – All About Wells Fargo Elder Services

This episode of After55 Living Radio features Liz Reeve-Calley and Chuck Newman of Wells Fargo Elder Services in Sun City, Arizona discussing the many facets of their elder services program and how it benefits the seniors it serves.

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Retirement in Panama – Everything Under the Sun!

Imagine retiring to a place with pristine beaches facing two oceans, a low cost of living and some of the most favorable laws in the world for retirees. Imagine living in one of the Western Hemisphere’s most cosmopolitan cities with an exciting cultural life, modern infrastructure and state of the art healthcare led by a new Johns Hopkins Hospital. If nature is more your style, live in a beautiful gated community with a Tom Fazio golf course in a beautiful mountain area surrounded by rainforest. Buy a new condo or villa and pay no property taxes for 20 years. Earn interest on a bank account or bring in offshore income and pay no income tax.

It’s not a dream – it’s Panama! Located less than 3 hours from the mainland US it has been voted the number one retirement destination by International Living Magazine, a leading authority on offshore living.

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Seniors heading to Mexico to Retire


 The Arch at Cabo San Lucas Mexico – (photo courtesy of akahodag and flickr)

Click Here  to read an interesting article written by USA Today’s Chris Hawley entitled, “Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes”. I am starting to find more and more articles being written on Americans (more…)

Power of Attorney – Is your paperwork in order?

Missing Paperwork

(photo courtesy of briankerr in Flickr) 

Being prepared in advance of an emergency is like carrying an umbrella just in case it rains. In our home, we recently went through the loss of my father-in-law. After he died we decided it was time for mom to make sure she had her papers in order. Why is it that when we try to help our parents they think we are trying to pull a fast one on them? We got dad’s paperwork in order but barely in time. We did not want to take the chance that we would not have the proper legal paperwork in order for mom in case she got ill suddenly. So the first document we tried to discuss with her was her power of attorney. “Tried” to discuss  is the operative word, tried. What an argument it sparked….


Long Term Care – Why Should You Plan?


(photo courtesy of Studies of Solitude from Flickr – Mrs. Joy)

At some point we will almost certainly require some form of long term care. So you ask, “Well, when would I need long term care”? In health care, a person’s daily ability to function on his/her own is broken into categories called ADL’s. ADL means activities of daily living.  The basic activities of daily living consist of these self-care tasks: ….


Seniors and Wills – Be sure you understand the Will


(photo courtesy of olavi_s on Flickr)

Having a will drawn up is one of the necessities of life yet many of us either don’t do it or we hurry through it and don’t really understand it’s implications. Once the will is drawn up I think it is necessary to have someone you trust review it. Here’s why…. (more…)