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Here is another great video by Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is .

This video of hers is special to me as my last moment with my faher before he passed was life changing. My father never fully went into a coma so I continued speaking to him right until he passed. Before I finish this story though let me state that even though someone is in a coma I believe they continue to hear us. Anyway, (more…)


Does life change after losing one’s parents’ and it is a resounding yes. It is never quite the same. Today, November 6, 2008 marks the 4th year anniversary of my mother’s passing. I pulled out and then posted the picture above as it was a day filled with laughter. That is not dad in the picture :>) although as a child when he disciplined me, he looked very similar to this Universal Studios character. Actually, dad was taking our picture and we were trying to stop from giggling. And today is also my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mark! My mom wanted to make sure we never forgot her by passing on one of her children’s birthdays. We almost lost her on my birthday, which was in July, and thankfully she held on and waited until Mark’s. Not funny but somehow it is. All I can say is I had the kindest, most gentle mother in the whole world and to strive to be like her is one of my life goals. Rather than be sad, I feel blessed for having been her daughter. Here’s to the life my mother had and the birthday of my brother who has life to live…

Early Testing For Alzheimer’s – Why?


(photo courtesy of basykes and flickr)

Smart Genetics, a company located in Philadelphia, is ready to begin testing saliva samples for Alzheimer’s. The test, called the Alzheimer’s Mirror test will cost the consumer $399. The test is due to be released on the market in the spring of 2008. I had to sit and really digest the impact of this test. USA Today wrote an article about the new test which is where I first learned about it. Click Here to read the article. I am not one to stick my head in the sand and not want to know but (more…)

Honoring Our Parents As They Have Honored Us

I stumble upon emotionally moving videos on a regular basis. This video entitled, “Parent’s Wish”, struck me on so many levels. Josh Groban’s music in the background made the video touch my soul and brought me back to that moment sitting in the church as the service was given in memory of my mother. The only thing missing was Josh’s music. Secondly, the video, which I will share with you shortly, discusses the parent’s side of what they want as their life nears it’s end or even as they begin to age. Why do so many people find it so hard to honor our aging elders? Of all the gifts I have been given in life, none is more rich than benefiting from and truly understanding the value of our seniors. When my mother told me she was ready to die, I never once asked her to want to continue to live. Some part of me understood she was ready and my acceptance would help her on her journey. I hope many people who watch this video put what is learned into practice with the understanding that in it lies the destiny of each of our own lives. Click Here to play the video.

Dedicated to Dad – It’s Been A Long 3 Years…


When I watched this youtube video I could not help but think of my mom and dad. They were married 64 years and therefore I should not have been shocked when they died within 3 months of one another. They found beauty in each other right to the very end. It was February 12, 2005 when dad seemed to be heading into a coma. I remember saying to him, “Dad, it’s only 2 days to Valentine’s Day. You better hurry on over to the other side or mom is going to dance with someone else”. My father died within 4 hours. Today it was 3 years since his passing and though I miss both mom and dad, I see this youtube video as a tribute to my parents. They had a long and happy marriage and I know they will be dancing with each-other throughout all eternity.