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This article was wriiten by Julie Connelly in the April 2, 2009 edition of The New York Times –


EARLY this year, Barbara Plumb, a freelance editor and writer in New York who is on Medicare, received a disturbing letter. Her gynecologist informed her that she was opting out of Medicare. When Ms. Plumb asked her primary-care doctor to recommend another gynecologist who took Medicare, the doctor responded that she didn’t know any — and that if Ms. Plumb found one she liked, could she call and tell her the name? (more…)


The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. released this video on Medicare.  I always look for short videos which provide good food for thought. It is easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the complexities of medicare. Broken down into smaller parts it doesn’t seem quite as daunting. Take a little bite and chew on the rest when you have a chance. Mentioned in the video is the government site which is packed with a lot of information. There are 2 more videos in this series; Medicaid and Guardianship. Any family looking for a reputable and knowledgeable attorney who specializes in elder law should visit the website for the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys at

Digital Publishing for Seniors – find digital editions of senior resource guides, magazines, brochures and newspapers at the the web’s only interactive library for aging adults at


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Well it’s that time of the year to decide which insurer has the best deal for you for prescription drug coverage. Anyone who is currently enrolled in Medicare and fails to make a new choice by Dec. 31, 2008 will automatically be enrolled in their current plan, which may not be the best fit. These prescription drug policies are known as Medicare Part D. There is also one other kind of coverage, called Medicare Advantage, which may also cover drugs. Enrollment for Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage is from November 15, 2008 through December 31, 2008. If you want to switch your Advantage plan you may do so from January 1, 2009 through March 31, 2009. The best way to understand this complex system is to go to:

The government has done a great job of documenting what Medicare is all about and even offers an online tool to help you decide which plan is right for you. Plans are rated online based on the number of customer complaints, all of which you can see. Yes, this may take you a few hours to read through but it is well worth the time. Bookmark this site and refer back to it as often as is necessary. This site is updated continually.

Shame on the EEOC! Legalizing Age Discrimination…?

In a stunning announcement on Wednesday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency charged with enforcing the nation’s anti-discrimination laws, issued a statement that it would support the move by corporations to cut back or eliminate completely the health benefits provided for their employees 65 and over.

The corporations successfully used the threat of cutting health benefits provided to all employees to get the Commission to agree to this policy change for their older workers. The move was vehemently opposed by AARP and many unions as being a state supported form of age discrimination, to no avail. An attorney for AARP stated, ““This rule gives employers free rein to use age as a basis for reducing or eliminating health care benefits for retirees 65 and older.” (more…)

After 55 Living Radio Episode 2 – Understanding Medicare

Part A…Part B…Part D…Are you stuck trying to understand the alphabet soup that is Medicare? We spoke to our Resident Medicare Expert Karen Ratcliff of AZ Insurance Planners and asked her to explain some of the mystery surrounding the different parts of Medicare. In this interview, she explains the different coverages and focuses on the new Medicare Part D Prescription Benefit.

To listen now, click the play button:


Private Medicare plans – beware the hard sell

As any of you that are eligible for Medicare know, there are a lot of companies out there competing to get you enrolled in their private Medicare plan. The bad news is that many of them are using abusive and sometimes illegal methods of signing up new beneficiaries. It is not unusual to hear stories of salespeople using forged signatures, misrepresentation and outright lies to lure seniors into signing up for their private insurance. (more…)