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Women Shooting Hoops, Healthy Aging


The basketball flies through the air and into the hoop. The roar of the crowd thunders in the background. Wait a minute, that’s not Miami Heat, that’s a group of senior woman playing their heart out on the basketball court. Hard to believe? Well settle in, watch the video and enjoy what can be your life as you grow older. Growing older does not mean having to give up the activities that you once loved when you were younger. We might run slower, we might make less shoots, we might breathe harder but we still play with the same enthusiasm we did when we were younger. Find a group in your community, join a team and you will be surprised that your old skill-set is still a part of you. Enjoy.

Residential Assisted Living Home – Not An Institution


(photo courtesy of fotobydave and flickr) 

How many times do we hear that seniors do not want to move into a large institution? They don’t want to leave their homes and therefore the thought of being moved to an institutional facility is (more…)

Senior Living Expert – Friend or Foe

There are so many new services sprouting up around the world to help baby boomers and their parents who are looking for answers as to what type of senior housing they need. What more could you ask for than a free service who will guide you through this process and often times take a family out to visit a few senior housing providers? There are pro’s and con’s to everything and although all might sound great, I advise families in need to (more…)

Assisted Living – Move Before You “Have” To


(photo courtesy of Dmuth and Flickr)

I love it when I find a really positive article on assisted living. Take a moment to read Roseann Keegan’s article about the changes in her grandmother after her grandmother’s move to assisted living, click here .

It’s wonderful when the move into assisted living becomes a positive experience. All too often (more…)

After 55 Living Radio Episode 6 – The ABCs of Senior Housing with ALFA

The many options available for Senior Housing can be confusing, so we spoke to Karen Barno, President of the Arizona Chapter of ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America) about the many choices available.

Karen talks in depth about the different types of housing, the different levels of care, cost structures and how to tour intelligently. If you are considering a move for yourself or a loved one, this episode a a must!

For more information about ALFA and how it can assist you with information about Senior Housing options, visit ALFA Arizona’s website at

To listen now, click to play button below:


Happy New Year – Out with the Old and in with the New


(photo courtesy of  shesnuckinfuts and flickr)

Countdown to midnight here in the USA. May we all have good health, good friends and count each day a blessing. Happy New Year 2008 from and The Silver Pages