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This is a video of Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is: . This short and informative video gives you some great information on hiring a home care aide. What I want to do is take you one step further and say that hiring an aide for in home care for you or your loved one involves a lot more than just checking a person’s references. There are many families who think that by hiring a home care aide themselves they are saving money and this is correct but at what cost? In order to hire an aide I suggest that not only should you check references but a background check should be run which includes checking their driving history. A home care agency or home health care agency charge more per hour, but with good reason. Here are a few of the reasons: (more…)


Spotlight Senior Services, one of the Southwest United States’ premiere publishers of Senior Resource Guides, has added online digital editions to their updated website. In doing so, Spotlight Senior Services, becomes the first publisher in their geography, including Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, to move their 5 guides into the digital publishing age. “The desire to innovate and give my advertisers an in-road into web 2.0 technologies made converting my paper publications into online digital editions an easy decision”, states Kyle Lewis, owner and publisher of The Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options Guide. “In addtion we were very excited to expand our publishing footprint from regional to global virtually overnight. Working with After55 Media Group and has energized my advertisers and has changed my business forever. It’s one thing to work with a digital publisher but with After55 Media Group, both owners are Certified Senior Advisors and really understand my target readers and my advertisers”. Spotlight currently has guides in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Arizona and Las Vegas and New Mexico. For more information about Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options go to: .

Medical Schools brace for “The Silver Tsunami”

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (Reuters) – Just a few years ago, a graduate from Brown University medical school had just an inkling about how to care for the elderly. 

Now, Brown and other U.S. medical schools are plugging geriatric courses into their curricula and adding specially trained faculty members as they respond to an imminent boom in the number of older Americans and the need to better understand how to properly care for the elderly.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects the number of elderly Americans will nearly double to 71 million by 2030, leaving one physician trained in geriatric care for every 7,665 seniors. (more…)

Managing Caregiver Guilt

(courtesy of Dr. Rackner and YouTube)