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This is a video of Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is: . This short and informative video gives you some great information on hiring a home care aide. What I want to do is take you one step further and say that hiring an aide for in home care for you or your loved one involves a lot more than just checking a person’s references. There are many families who think that by hiring a home care aide themselves they are saving money and this is correct but at what cost? In order to hire an aide I suggest that not only should you check references but a background check should be run which includes checking their driving history. A home care agency or home health care agency charge more per hour, but with good reason. Here are a few of the reasons: (more…)


This is a video of Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is: .  I have been and will continue to post her videos as they are each only one minute long. During her one minute video you learn alot and for me it creates reminders of similar scenarios I went through with my mom and dad. Given a choice, 82% of seniors would prefer to live in their own home rather than being moved to an assisted living community. My mother and father both ended up in the hospital on the same day. The prospect of bringing them both home in wheelchairs was overwhelming. This is where all (more…)


Spotlight Senior Services, one of the Southwest United States’ premiere publishers of Senior Resource Guides, has added online digital editions to their updated website. In doing so, Spotlight Senior Services, becomes the first publisher in their geography, including Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, to move their 5 guides into the digital publishing age. “The desire to innovate and give my advertisers an in-road into web 2.0 technologies made converting my paper publications into online digital editions an easy decision”, states Kyle Lewis, owner and publisher of The Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options Guide. “In addtion we were very excited to expand our publishing footprint from regional to global virtually overnight. Working with After55 Media Group and has energized my advertisers and has changed my business forever. It’s one thing to work with a digital publisher but with After55 Media Group, both owners are Certified Senior Advisors and really understand my target readers and my advertisers”. Spotlight currently has guides in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Arizona and Las Vegas and New Mexico. For more information about Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options go to: .

After 55 Living Radio – Making Family Caregiving Easier from NPR’s “Fresh Air”

Suzanne Geffen Mintz, president and co-founder of the National Family Caregivers Association, talks with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross on how to make caregiving easier. Mintz speaks from experience; her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1974.

In the latest edition of her book, A Family Caregiver Speaks Up: “It Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard,” Mintz writes on ways caregivers can feel more confident through changes to their routine.

To listen now, click the DOWNLOAD button below:

After 55 Living Radio Episode 14 – Fall Prevention and Home Safety for Seniors

Falls and the complications following a fall are a leading cause of premature death in seniors. It is important to know which rooms and situations in your home pose the highest threat to senior safety. Inspecting your home for hazards is an important step in preventing falls from happening.

We spoke with Karen Martin of MedAssure located in Phoenix, Arizona about preventing falls, doing home safety checks and creating a safe environment for seniors at home.

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Managing Caregiver Guilt

(courtesy of Dr. Rackner and YouTube)

Caregiving – How easy is it to get hired?

Being a caregiver can be an extremely rewarding career. With the recent shortage in the health care industry of responsible caregivers, getting a good job is the key to enjoying what you do. After owning a home care agency there were some traits I looked for in a caregiver when hiring that might help you land your first job.   (more…)

Caregivers, a 35% shortage. Will you be affected?


(photo courtesy of chanchanchepon and flickr) 

In almost every newspaper everyday we read about the explosion of the baby boomers. We also read the statistic which says if given the choice as we grow older 87% of people say they want to remain in their own home.

I am 100% pro home care yet being in the senior care industry tells me a different story. There is a growing shortage of caregivers in the United States. If there is a shortage now is anyone being realistic that the caregiver shortage will only get worse as the baby boomers come into being? What will the answer be? (more…)