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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. has released a few videos which are short but full of good information. This video on health care decision making is excellent. Over the next few days I will share more videos by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. There are 3 more videos in this series; Medicare, Medicaid and Guardianship. Any family looking for a reputable and knowledgeable attorney who specializes in elder law should visit the website for the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys at . I’ve had first hand experience with attorneys from this group and have nothing but deep respect for their dedication to serving all aging adults. Enjoy the video…

Surprising Studies On Aging and Exercising


(photo courtesy of mgbon and flickr)

The New York Times

Staying A Step Ahead Of Aging  by Gina Kolata

YOU know what is supposed to happen when you grow old. You will slow down, you will grow weak, your steps will become short and mincing, and you will lose your sense of balance. That’s what aging researchers consistently find, and it’s no surprise to most of us.

But it is worth remembering that the people in those studies were sedentary, said Dr. Vonda Wright, a professor of orthopedics at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Wright, a 40-year-old runner, decided to study people who kept training as they got older or began competing in middle age. She wanted to know what happens to them and at what age does performance start to decline.

Their results are surprising, (more…)

After 55 Living Radio Episode 8 – Walking for Health and Fitness

Starting a walking regimen is a great way to begin the new year! The benefits of walking as a fitness activity are numerous and it is a low-impact way to get back in shape.

Get some great tips on how to setup your walking regimen and hear about how walking can benefit your health.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 7 – Silver Sneakers Fitness Program

If you are aged 65 or older and a member of a qualifying health plan, then you are eligible for a free fitness center membership and participation in the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program. Silver Sneakers is the nation’s largest senior fitness program serving thousands across the fifty states and Puerto Rico. It provides a warm and friendly environment in which to participate in an exercise program designed specifically for mature adults.

We spoke to Andrea Wirth and Jody Steele of Axia Health Management, administrators of the Silver Sneakers Program to find out more about how to join, who is eligible and how to locate a participating fitness center near you.

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Shame on the EEOC! Legalizing Age Discrimination…?

In a stunning announcement on Wednesday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency charged with enforcing the nation’s anti-discrimination laws, issued a statement that it would support the move by corporations to cut back or eliminate completely the health benefits provided for their employees 65 and over.

The corporations successfully used the threat of cutting health benefits provided to all employees to get the Commission to agree to this policy change for their older workers. The move was vehemently opposed by AARP and many unions as being a state supported form of age discrimination, to no avail. An attorney for AARP stated, ““This rule gives employers free rein to use age as a basis for reducing or eliminating health care benefits for retirees 65 and older.” (more…)