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Long Distance Caregiving


(photo courtesy of Almighty Photography and Flickr)

I read a nice article which gives some good advice on being a long distance caregiver and thought I would share it with everyone, click here. Between having cared for my parents from a long distance and having done volunteer work with seniors, I know how difficult long distance caregiving can be. Children either visit a lot or they don’t. I made it a point to go home everyother month until my parents passed. I found it hard to (more…)

Senior Medical Emergencies – Be Prepared


(courtesy of Elvia Montemayor and Flickr)

The inevitable hospital visit no one wants to face has happened. Are you prepared? We all know we want a long and healthy life so let’s not make it a matter of life and death. Today’s hospital environment can be complex. To ease your stay and help the doctors make the right decisions there are a few documents all of us should have prepared and ready. (more…)

Having a Brain Fade?

We sat down at and tossed out ideas on what to give our viewers for the New Year. We all agreed that staying mentally sharp so as to continue being independent was the #1 goal for many people. So our roving reporter went in search of a website that could help all of us. We hit the jackpot when we found this site, Click Here 

The site, has a plethora of information on ways to keep our brain fit.  Start your new year out with your #1 resolution being to not only exercise your body but also exercise your brain. Enjoy!