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After 55 Living Radio – Raising Children, Caring for Parents from NPR’s “New and Notes”

They are called the Sandwich Generation, 40- and 50-something women who are struggling to divide their time between raising kids and caring for their aging parents. Estimates on the number of women bearing this double burden run as high as 42 million. With families spread out over wider and wider geographic areas, the stress of caring for both children and parents can be overwhelming for working mothers, especially when the caregiving is being managed at a distance.

Hear the story of one SanGen mom, Dina Lipton, who is raising twin girls and fighting to save her career at the same time she is managing care for her dad, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Even though she has brothers, the majority of the responsibilities such as managing her dad’s financial affairs, fighting for conservatorship and overseeing his medical care has fallen on her shoulders.

This is not unusual, according to Betsy Clark, the executive director of the National Association of Social Workers, who says that the image of woman as caregiver is a traditional one. Although this can vary across different ethnic and cultural groups, women will be the primary caregiver the majority of this time.

Host – Tony Cox of NPR’s “News and Notes”

Guests – Dina Lipton and Dr Betsy Clark, National Association of Social Workers

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Side Splitting Senior Comedienne

From Crackle: Mrs hughes skewed views

My business partner had tears running down her face after watching this video. If today was not a great day, then it’s about to change. I can never stress enough how laughter can change anyone’s mood. Enjoy!

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