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Here is part 2 of the PACE program for seniors. Please take a moment to watch this very informative video.

After 55 Radio – Managing Your Parents’ Money As An Adult from NPR’s “Day to Day”

Originally aired on NPR’s “Day to Day”, this short but extremely informative report deal with managing your parents’ finances as an adult child. Personal finance expert Michelle Singleterry gives some quick advice on how to be there to help your parents when it appears they are no longer able to properly manage their financial affairs. When is it time to talk about their financial situation? What are the signs that your parents could be in financial distress? Is it possible to get a Power of Attorney if you suspect there is a serious problem with way your parents are managing, or not managing their finances? Do your parents have to live under your roof for you to be able to deduct any dependent care expenses you incur caring for them?

To listen now, click the DOWNLOAD button below:

The holidays – and the grieving – are over!

The two weeks I dreaded are over. It has been six months, almost to the day, since my dad passed and the first holiday without him has come and gone.

As expected every Christmas carol brought a moist eye and every football game reminded me that dad was no longer around to call. What I didn’t expect was to see how strong my mother has been and how well she got through the holiday season. (more…)