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Here’s to many more: Woman’s 103rd birthday celebrated up in the air

Photos by Greg Barnette/Record Searchlight: Air Shasta pilot David Everson talks to Marion Paul after taking her and her son Wayne on a flight over Redding in celebration of Marion's 103rd birthday Wednesday

From today’s Redding (CA) Record Searchlight by Sean Langoria…

A Redding, CA woman and her son celebrated her 103rd birthday Wednesday with a flight over the city.

Marion Paul and her 73-year-old son, Wayne, were treated to a helicopter ride around Redding as part of her birthday celebration.

“She loved it,” said Wayne Paul, also of Redding. “She was smiling and grinning, waving and pointing.” (more…)


photo courtesy of flickr and onkel wart

I found this article in the New York Times. My mother died of COPD, better known as emphysema. Upon reading this article I naturally wondered if my mother would have stopped smoking had she been told earlier in her life that smoking was aging her lungs prematurely. Having my mother die of COPD caused me to be an advocate in support of any assistance which helps an individual stop smoking. As we get older, our lungs are aging normally and the cigarette smoking speeds up the aging of the lungs. Why cut our lives short? No one deserves to die of COPD and certainly no family deserves to watch their loved one die of any type of lung disease.

New York Times

Reminder to Smokers: Your Lungs Are Aging

A simple discussion of lung capacity appears to double the rate patients follow a doctor’s advice to quit smoking. (more…)

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home

Increasingly, many older people who live alone are not truly alone. They are being watched by a flurry of new technologies designed to enable them to live independently and avoid expensive trips to the emergency room or nursing homes.

Bertha Branch, 78, discovered the power of a system called eNeighbor when she fell to the floor of her Philadelphia apartment late one night without her emergency alert pendant and could not phone for help.

A wireless sensor under Ms. Branch’s bed detected that she had gotten up. Motion detectors in her bedroom and bathroom registered that she had not left the area in her usual pattern and relayed that information to a central monitoring system, prompting a call to her telephone to ask if she was all right. When she did not answer, that incited more calls — to a neighbor, to the building manager and finally to 911, which dispatched firefighters to break through her door. She had been on the floor less than an hour when they arrived. (more…)


This is a video of Dr. Marion Somers. Her website is: . This short and informative video gives you some great information on hiring a home care aide. What I want to do is take you one step further and say that hiring an aide for in home care for you or your loved one involves a lot more than just checking a person’s references. There are many families who think that by hiring a home care aide themselves they are saving money and this is correct but at what cost? In order to hire an aide I suggest that not only should you check references but a background check should be run which includes checking their driving history. A home care agency or home health care agency charge more per hour, but with good reason. Here are a few of the reasons: (more…)

Using Testosterone Therapy to Combat Aging in Older Men

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This brief report, which originally aired on KOAT in Albuquerque, talks about the results of a study conducted in the Netherlands related to the use of testosterone to slow or reverse the signs of aging in older men.

Technology: Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer

Technology: Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer As the baby boomer generation ages and the amount of healthcare workers to take care of them decreases, experts are looking for solutions. The fine folks over at Carnegie Mellon University have adopted the attitude “Well if we can’t find elderly care workers, we’ll build them!” And that’s exactly what their research team did. Introducing Flo: a personal robotic assistant for the elderly, or Nursebot. The project was tested in a Pittsburgh nursing home, where Flo would help guide people around and would remind them when it was time to eat or when it was appropriate to take their medications. The goal is to have Flo at home, providing assistance for people whose chronic disorders prevent them from living normal lives. (more…)


Spotlight Senior Services, one of the Southwest United States’ premiere publishers of Senior Resource Guides, has added online digital editions to their updated website. In doing so, Spotlight Senior Services, becomes the first publisher in their geography, including Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, to move their 5 guides into the digital publishing age. “The desire to innovate and give my advertisers an in-road into web 2.0 technologies made converting my paper publications into online digital editions an easy decision”, states Kyle Lewis, owner and publisher of The Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options Guide. “In addtion we were very excited to expand our publishing footprint from regional to global virtually overnight. Working with After55 Media Group and has energized my advertisers and has changed my business forever. It’s one thing to work with a digital publisher but with After55 Media Group, both owners are Certified Senior Advisors and really understand my target readers and my advertisers”. Spotlight currently has guides in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Arizona and Las Vegas and New Mexico. For more information about Spotlight Senior Services and Living Options go to: .

Older Travelers Hit the Road

Originally printed in The New York Times:

AS a young woman, Joan Cain never dreamed that she would go to Antarctica, Alaska and Russia — much less all three in one year. ”I only started traveling about 10 years ago,” she said recently, now 59, a paralegal and living in Atlanta. She is planning to take all three trips with the adventure company ElderTreks. ”After my husband died I discovered that traveling was my passion,” said Ms. Cain. (more…)

After55 Helps Mature Paper Publications Go Digital!

 After55 Media Group is the leader in online digital publishing for Senior Media Publications and Senior Service Providers including developing a website designed exclusively for the mature reader. The website,, hosts paper publications which have been converted into flip page digital publications. Traditional print media such as magazines, senior resource guides, brochures, newsletters, books and booklets, catalogs, white papers and other documents are converted into online digital publications and then made available for reading to baby boomers, their families and seniors.

“The first of the Baby Boomer Generation has turned 60”, (more…)


It’s been a while since I have blogged. I thought I would break myself back in slowly by sharing a video instead of writing. This program for seniors is needed. I hope you take the time to watch this video and learn about the PACE program.