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After55 Living Radio Episode 20 – All About Wells Fargo Elder Services

This episode of After55 Living Radio features Liz Reeve-Calley and Chuck Newman of Wells Fargo Elder Services in Sun City, Arizona discussing the many facets of their elder services program and how it benefits the seniors it serves.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 18 – Hospice Programs for Dementia Patients

This episode features Jan Dougherty, Family and Community Services Director at Arizona’s Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. Jan is responsible for setting new standards of care for patients with dementia and their families through the development of innovative programs.  She has developed many pioneering programs being used in Arizona and nationally.

Jan was named “Gerontologist of the Year” in 2003 by the AZ Geriatrics Society and received the “Caring Spirit Award” in 2005 from the Area Agency on Aging, Region One. She was awarded the Vision Award in 2006 from Hospice of the Valley, the Nation’s largest non-profit hospice organization. We were honored to have an opportunity to speak with her about some of the programs she has pioneered.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 17 – Diagnosing and Treating Cataracts

We spoke with Dr. Aaron Petersen of Southwestern Eye Center in Sun City, AZ about how to recognize, diagnose and successfully treat cataracts in older adults.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 16 – Volunteering for Hospice

Learn about Hospice from Linda Vance, Director of Volunteer Services for Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. She talks about how hospice cares for the family unit, how to use Medicare to pay for hospice care and how hospice care is not only for the last 48 hours of life.

Volunteers are a vital part of the day-today operations of hospice. Find out about how volunteering for hospice can be a life changing experience.

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After 55 Living Radio – History Passes Away with WWI Veteran from NPR’s “All Things Considered”


All Things Considered, February 7, 2008 · Ninety years ago, Harry Richard Landis enlisted in the U.S. Army. He was 18 years old and served about 60 days before World War I came to an end.

Landis died in Florida on Monday at age 108. It is widely believed that Landis’ death leaves only one surviving American veteran of the Great War: 107-year-old Frank Buckles of Charles Town, W.Va.

For more than a decade, photographer David DeJonge has been documenting U.S. veterans of the conflicts of the 20th century. He met Landis at his retirement home near Tampa, Fla., last year.

DeJonge tells Robert Siegel that they talked about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and the young soldier’s duties during his brief service in World War I.

“We’re trying to capture the rest of these stories, share them with the world, so they can understand this great war,” DeJonge says.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 15 – The Role of a Certifed Fiduciary

Who can you turn to when a mature adult can no longer look after their finances, medications or other personal affairs? We spoke with Candace Bow of Arizona Guardians about the role of a Certified Fiduciary. She discusses guardianship, conservatorship and how to engage a certified fiduciary to protect seniors from exploitation and abuse. She also talks about the certification process and why it is important to only engage the services of those who have been certified by the state to assist seniors.

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After 55 Living Radio – Making Family Caregiving Easier from NPR’s “Fresh Air”

Suzanne Geffen Mintz, president and co-founder of the National Family Caregivers Association, talks with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross on how to make caregiving easier. Mintz speaks from experience; her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1974.

In the latest edition of her book, A Family Caregiver Speaks Up: “It Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard,” Mintz writes on ways caregivers can feel more confident through changes to their routine.

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After 55 Living Radio Episode 14 – Fall Prevention and Home Safety for Seniors

Falls and the complications following a fall are a leading cause of premature death in seniors. It is important to know which rooms and situations in your home pose the highest threat to senior safety. Inspecting your home for hazards is an important step in preventing falls from happening.

We spoke with Karen Martin of MedAssure located in Phoenix, Arizona about preventing falls, doing home safety checks and creating a safe environment for seniors at home.

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After 55 Living Radio – Raising Children, Caring for Parents from NPR’s “New and Notes”

They are called the Sandwich Generation, 40- and 50-something women who are struggling to divide their time between raising kids and caring for their aging parents. Estimates on the number of women bearing this double burden run as high as 42 million. With families spread out over wider and wider geographic areas, the stress of caring for both children and parents can be overwhelming for working mothers, especially when the caregiving is being managed at a distance.

Hear the story of one SanGen mom, Dina Lipton, who is raising twin girls and fighting to save her career at the same time she is managing care for her dad, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Even though she has brothers, the majority of the responsibilities such as managing her dad’s financial affairs, fighting for conservatorship and overseeing his medical care has fallen on her shoulders.

This is not unusual, according to Betsy Clark, the executive director of the National Association of Social Workers, who says that the image of woman as caregiver is a traditional one. Although this can vary across different ethnic and cultural groups, women will be the primary caregiver the majority of this time.

Host – Tony Cox of NPR’s “News and Notes”

Guests – Dina Lipton and Dr Betsy Clark, National Association of Social Workers

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After 55 Radio – Managing Your Parents’ Money As An Adult from NPR’s “Day to Day”

Originally aired on NPR’s “Day to Day”, this short but extremely informative report deal with managing your parents’ finances as an adult child. Personal finance expert Michelle Singleterry gives some quick advice on how to be there to help your parents when it appears they are no longer able to properly manage their financial affairs. When is it time to talk about their financial situation? What are the signs that your parents could be in financial distress? Is it possible to get a Power of Attorney if you suspect there is a serious problem with way your parents are managing, or not managing their finances? Do your parents have to live under your roof for you to be able to deduct any dependent care expenses you incur caring for them?

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