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Veterans Benefits

Veteran’s Pensions – Help Has Arrived!

If you or a family member has ever applied for a Veteran’s Pension, then you know that the process can be frought with endless red tape and months of delays. Although most benefit counselors I have met were very committed and anxious to help, many VA offices are severely understaffed, resulting in long lead times in processing pension applications.

Veterans and their families can now take advantage of a new online service designed to assist then with filing for pension benefits called Project VetAssist. Located at, the site provides forms and detailed advice for those applying for the VA Improved Pension Program. It also outlines some of the information needed for those applying for the pensions including minimum age and disability levels, income and asset limits and active duty service requirements.

Project VetAssist has been warmly received by pension applicants according to the American Veterans Institute of Tipp City, Ohio, sponsors of the new website. They also provide e-mail support for those needing additional information about the pension programs at

Financial Assistance for Older Veterans for Home Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care


(photo courtesy of wallyg and flickr)

I wonder how many veterans know they are eligible for financial assistance with home care, assisted living or nursing home care? And, the veteran does not have to have been injured in war. Let’s make it even more attractive. The surviving spouse may also be available for financial assistance and all that the veteran or the surviving spouse has to do is apply for the funds. In this case it’s (more…)