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 (photo courtesy of thinkpanama and flickr)

AOL had this great article today on different retirement spots in the US. The article was written by freelance writer Carol Vinzant. Enjoy all of the good information.

14 Retirement Spots Worth Considering

Today’s seniors want something better if they are going to bother moving out of their home and (more…)

Retirement in Panama – Everything Under the Sun!

Imagine retiring to a place with pristine beaches facing two oceans, a low cost of living and some of the most favorable laws in the world for retirees. Imagine living in one of the Western Hemisphere’s most cosmopolitan cities with an exciting cultural life, modern infrastructure and state of the art healthcare led by a new Johns Hopkins Hospital. If nature is more your style, live in a beautiful gated community with a Tom Fazio golf course in a beautiful mountain area surrounded by rainforest. Buy a new condo or villa and pay no property taxes for 20 years. Earn interest on a bank account or bring in offshore income and pay no income tax.

It’s not a dream – it’s Panama! Located less than 3 hours from the mainland US it has been voted the number one retirement destination by International Living Magazine, a leading authority on offshore living.

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